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About Duxback

Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates a ‘hydrophobic’ effect on automotive glass.
Originally developed for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, a Duxback treatment greatly improves safety when driving in pouring rain especially at night.
When driving over 40mph, rain water will be blown straight off the glass, no need for wipers!
In wintertime ice will either not stick to the glass or will be much easier to remove.
Research has shown that visibility is improved by 35% when driving in pouring rain.
Furthermore a driver’s ability to identify a small object when driving in foul conditions is improved by 25%. A 25% improvement in reaction time is 58 feet at 40 MPH.

Enough to save a life!

£20 + vat.
£40 + vat applied to screen.
£55 + vat applied to all windows.