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Alignment Parameters on a Car

Camber: What is it?

Camber increases or decreases the tyre’s grip on the road by the wheel not being upright, when viewed from the front or rear. Correct camber is a requirement and incorrectly set at best will cause tyre wear but at worse could seriously compromise the overall handling
characteristics of the car.

Caster: What is it?

Caster gives the vehicle straight line stability. It is the forward or rearward tilt of the steering axis, in reference to the vertical when viewed from the vehicle side.
Positive caster is where the steering axis is sloped towards the rear. Negative caster (not common) is where the steering axis sloped towards the front.

Toe: What is it?

Positive Toe is the leading edge of wheels closer together. Negative Toe is the leading edge of the wheels
further apart. Our advice would be not to refer to toe as toe-in. For example negative toe is toe out! Better to simply say the car has negative toe or positive toe’.

The rear wheels on many modern vehicles are just as adjustable as the front.


Suspension misalignment increases tyre wear and can seriously affect vehicle handling. Suspension
misalignment costs you money, as well as affecting the way your car handles!